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AJET MutsUndoukai

WHAT: Hiking and outdoor adventures!
WHERE: Mutsu City in Shimokita
WHEN: June 6th


Check out the Facebook event for info in English and Japanese!

Come join AJET for a hike through the scenic forests of Mutsu! We’ll have different levels for you to choose from–check them out below!

Walkers, bikers, hikers, runners, all are welcome to this event! And Everest of Apples will be joining us on the hike, showing off the winning design of the t-shirt contest!
BULBASAUR HIKE (starts @2pm):
– 3k, ~1 hour
– easy slope for all ages
– start at
Yadate Hot Spring
49-1 田名部矢立山 Mutsu
Aomori Prefecture 035-0021

IVYSAUR HIKE (starts @12pm):
– 12.6k, ~3 hours
– more challenging hike
– more curves, higher elevation
– start at Osorezan Bodai-ji Temple

– Certain death
– Sorry, you must have an Earth Badge to challenge this route
Choose your hiking difficulty in the RSVP form, and let us know if you would like to be a group leader. We will need people to come up the night before and preview the hike so that they can lead the way to the Undoukouen in Mutsu City.

All routes meet up with one another, so…
IVYSAUR will start at 12:00pm
BULBASAUR will start at 2:00pm

We will all meet up at the same endpoint, the Undoukouen, by about 4pm
Address: むつ運動公園野球場, 〒035-0077 青森県むつ市山田町43-1

After the hike, join us for a chill picnic that evening.
Prices for picnic partaking are 500yen, but BYOFood and BYOBeverages is always okay.

*~*~*If you aren’t interested in hiking, but would like to volunteer to help*~*~*

If you have a driver’s license and a car, we need on-call drivers in case:
– someone gets too tired to keep walking
– someone has to quit
– a medical emergency arises
– stragglers need picking up once the event ends

If you would like to volunteer but don’t drive, we could use you to help:
– man checkpoint stations
– hand out water
– ride-along with emergency drivers and check in with runners/hikers
– cheer hikers on at various starting points

Let us know if you are interested in coming up to Shimokita the night before! Accommodations can be arranged.

If you want to stick around Sunday, we’ll be having chill team-activities like volleyball, red rover, and other such tom-foolery as we enjoy the fresh Shimokita air!!


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