May 2015, Vol. 1

Hello Aomori!

We hope you’re enjoying this fine spring weather. Sure it can be chaotic–sunny mornings sometimes turn into rainy afternoons (always on days we’ve put the washing out)–but there’s also sakura and sunshine galore! So time to put your kotatsu up, grab whatever’s spring-themed at McD’s, and kick up your feet with our first May issue of GMA!

We’re also proud to announce our new column editors: Alyssa Walker, Jackson Pietsch, Mina Kim, and Katerina Skarbinec! Whoo, that’s a mouthful. We’re always happy to have more hands on deck so welcome aboard guys! And if any of you out there are interested in writing, shoot us an email at! On we go!

In this issue:

Photo Corner: Ellen brings us some lovely pictures from this year’s Hanami in Sakura Matsuri Photo Wrap Up

AJET Take-Away: AJET announces events and responds to requests in Survey Wrap-Up!

Wordslingin’: Sam brings us more lyric-inspired JET writings with a story from Kim Andrews in Proper Prompting: Part 5

MediaBug: Michael continues to educate us about 1980’s musicians in Idols of the 80s #3: Oginome Yoko

Voracious Vernacular: Jackson has taken over as our language guru and gives us a word for the situation in How to React to This Post

Off Route: Travel over to Hachinohe for some seaside fun in Kabushima: I’m so Glad That Cows Can’t Fly

Japantics: Mike gives us a warning about linguistic mistakes to avoid in The Hard Way

Nom Nom Tabemono: Mina sweeps into our kitchens to bring us a rainy day recipe in Chijimi Cakes for Rainy Days

Northern Sweat: Alyssa revives our fitness column and teaches us how to build healthy habits in Making a Habit of It


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