AJET Events

AJET Event Calendar


  • April 1st — AJET Executive Council Changeover
  • April 11thAJET Formal: Murder Mystery
    • @ Aomori City
      • Put on your fancy clothes and help us solve a murder!
  • April 25thHirosaki Hanami
    • @ Hirosaki City
      • Bask under the cherry trees and enjoy the beauty of Spring


  • May 16thPlayground Games and DeliPalooza
    • @ Gappo Park in Aomori City
      • Let’s play a game! Anything from grade school is fair game! And for extra fun, we’ll have Subway-style sandwiches!


  • June 6thMutsu Undoukai
    • @ Mutsu City, Shimokita
      • Are you gonna do 5k? 12k? 24k? No-k? It’s up to you! Come check out Mutsu’s gorgeous scenery as we hike through the land of Mononoke-hime!
  • June 27th Leaver’s Luau
    • @ Shimoda Park, Oirase
      • Come have a BBQ with your fellow JETs and say goodbye to departing friends!
    • Rescheduled to July 4th @Gappo Park, Aomori


  • Local summer festivals with RRs
    • @ Hachinohe: July 31 – Aug 4   Meet-Up on Aug 1
      • There are four big summer festivals in Aomori including Nebuta, one of the Tohoku Top 3. Check ’em out!


  • Local summer festivals with RRs
  • August 26th — AomOrientation In-between Party for Newbies
    • @ Aomori City
      • We all remember how tiring AomOrientation was, so we’ll be breaking it up for the newbies with some fun!


  • September 5-6thWelcome Party
    • @ Shichinohe Cabins
      • Come on out JETs! Old and new alike! Make some new friends, chat with old buddies, and chill out enjoying Aomori’s fresh mountain air!



  • November 19th — SDC In-Between Party
    • @ Aomori City
      • Come hang out between grueling days of SDC and relax with your fellow JETs!
  • Local Thanksgiving Parties with RRs
    • @ Locations near you
      • Whether it’s turkey, mac ‘n cheese, or you’ve got no idea what this “Thanksgiving” business is about, come on out for some good food! AJET will be providing turkeys but date and location is up to your RRs!


  • Local Holiday Parties with RRs
    • @ Locations near you
      • Spend a night with some other JETs before we all jet off for holiday!



  • AJET Formal
    • Date: TBD
    • @ Aomori City


  • AJET Elections
    • Date: TBD
    • @ The Internet
      • Want to get involved? Run for office! Every year all positions are open!

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