Photo Corner

Sakura 2015: The Prequel

By Ellen Fraser

I couldn’t wait an extra month to see my first cherry blossoms in Japan, so I headed south and got a glimpse of the future light at the end of Tohoku’s wintery tunnel.

There’s no shame in being a late bloomer though.  If Mulan’s dad is right, then Aomori’s blossoms will be the most beautiful of them all!

I’ll be collecting more photos of Aomori’s cherry blossoms when the time comes, so make sure you take your camera to all ya hanami parties.  Meanwhile, here are a few photos I took at the beginning of April around Kansai and Tokyo…

DSC00483 (2) DSC00490 (2) DSC00497 (2) DSC00533 (2) DSC00597 (2) DSC00714 (2)Do you have any photos you want to share? Send us your favorites at!


One thought on “Sakura 2015: The Prequel

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