April 2015, Vol. 2

Spring is in the air and in Japan that means not just flowers and sunshine but also the annual Spring Teacher Shuffle. While you are probably still getting to know your new colleagues we here at Good Morning Aomori have experienced a few changes of our own so let me start off by introducing myself!

Hey there!

My name is Amanda Lynn Marcroft and I’ll be taking over as Head Editor from Jacqueline for the 2015-2016 year of GMA. I’ve greatly enjoyed my time writing for our bi-monthly publication and promise to do my best to continue to bring you great work from our amazingly talented column editors. I’m excited to keep working with this great team and hope to entice some more of you to try your hand at one of our open columns. Check ‘em out!

Aomori Spotlight:Do you enjoy getting to know your fellows in Aomori?  We are looking for someone to interview JETs and share your findings in Aomori Spotlight.

MediaBug (Film):  Do you have a passion for Japanese or Japan-inspired movies?  (Or television?)  If so, share your love with everyone in MediaBug (Film).

NomNom Tabemono:  Love to cook?  Love to eat?  If you’re a whiz in the kitchen or love to go out and sample the restaurants Aomori has to offer, write about it for the NomNom Tabemono column!

Northern Sweat: Are you a gym rat? Or just really good at inspiring people to work out? Help whip your fellow JETs into shape writing in Northern Sweat!

Trivia Trap: Do you know how tall Osorezan is? Or other obscure facts about Aomori and Japan in general? Challenge our JET community and dish out prizes in Trivia Trap!

Voracious Vernacular:  Are you learning Japanese or tackling Tsugaru-ben, Nambu-ben, or Shimokita-ben?  Or do you have a crazy cache of Japanese terms and phrases that even the everyday Japanese person is surprised at?  Share this knowledge in Voracious Vernacular!

If anything caught your interest contact us at or email me directly at  Now on to the great things you can read today!

And we at AJET are also proud to announce a brand new column in GMA designed specifically to increase communication between AJET reps and all you lovely folks! Check it out in AJET Take-Away: Welcome to the New AJET.

In this issue we have:

Japantics: Jacqueline sticks around with us for one more issue to share her experiences in Japan with Three 100 Word Misadventures

MediaBug: Michael Diana continues our education in 1980s singers with Idols of the 80s #2: Okada Yukiko and Yamaguchi Momoe

A Novel Idea: Rebecca has a recommendation for Disney lovers with Beauty

Wordslingin’: Sam brings us a great txtspk story from her ongoing challenge in Proper Prompting: Part 4

Photo Corner: Ellen’s getting us pumped up for sakura season with Sakura 2015: The Prequel

And now that you’re excited for cherry blossoms check out AJET’s Annual Hanami Gathering for a chance to picnic under the blossoms with other JETs!



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