Proper Prompting: Part 3

Edited by Samantha Martin

Last month, for the month of February, we published an inspiring anecdote about unrequited love submitted by an anonymous talent in the prefecture. If only life were set up to play through like a romantic comedy, with a clear protagonist, preferably one that models for Fruit of the Loom. Anon, thank you again for the submission! We here at Wordslingin’ were actually so intrigued by reading yours and the others submitted for the prompt “Loveless” that we couldn’t resist extending it! Now, in carrying on with the prompt given last month, Essa Wiseman has sent in her interpretation of the sentence, “Nobody has ever loved me as much as I have loved them.” This story truly captures that it’s not outer forces make you pine after someone; most of the time, it’s what’s inside that counts.

Love Unrequited

By Essa Wiseman

I’d like to make a statement without too much ado

Briefly about the way that I’ve been harmed by you.

We never fight about the shows you like to watch at night

Because I simply couldn’t care as long as you’re in sight.

Sometimes you get moody and quiet or hangry and loud

But I know your heart is good; it beats steady, strong, and proud.

Even when you gain twelve pounds and look rather ungainly

I couldn’t give a tiny rat’s ass, and that’s me speaking plainly.

Lovers give each other cards with phrases like I heart you,

But the honest truth as true as stars is I couldn’t live without you.

Yet when I come close we do this dance, a rapid to and fro

And when I try to claim a kiss, I must dodge your angry blows.

Even though I want you still, this rejection wounds the ego

Of yours sincerely, a malarial mosquito.

Look out for a new prompt next week in the Aomori JETs Facebook page, or on Sam’s Facebook page. Get inspired by Proper Prompting, and sling those words! Send in your submissions of prose, poetry, musings, stream of conscious, or slams to goodmorningaomori@gmail.com when you’re done!


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