April 2015, Vol. 1: Letter from the Editor

The buzz of life in the office has come back after a few sleepy days of spring vacation.  Transferred teachers have made their final goodbyes and new teachers have come to take their place.  Take a moment to settle in and enjoy the new atmosphere!  While losing a teacher you’ve worked with could be upsetting (or really upsetting), there’s a chance that the changes will lead to some new and exciting things!

It has been a great year as the Head Editor of Good Morning Aomori.  I have had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with people across the prefecture to bring y’all a newsletter brimming with creativity.  I hope that the spirit of the newsletter continues to grow and evolve in the next year.  I’ll be stepping down and Amanda Lynn Marcroft will take my place as the new Head Editor.  I am confident that she will lead the newsletter to greater heights.

We will also be losing the talents of Chris Simmons of Aomori Spotlight, Jade Bonus of MediaBug, Bianca Sanchez of Nomnom Tabemono, and Eric Larsen of Voracious Vernacular.  Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the blog.  You will be missed!

GMA is now on the lookout for volunteers to fill these positions!  If you are interested, please email Amanda Lynna Marcroft at either or at  Thank you muchly!

Aomori Spotlight:Do you enjoy getting to know your fellow JETs in Aomori?  We are looking for someone to interview JETs and share your findings in Aomori Spotlight.

MediaBug Movies/TV:  Do you have a passion for Japanese or Japan-inspired movies?  (or television?)  If so, share your love with everyone in MediaBug Movies/TV.

NomNom Tabemono:  Love to cook?  Love to eat?  If you’re a whiz in the kitchen or love to go out and sample the restaurants Aomori has to offer, write about it for the NomNom Tabemono column!

Voracious Vernacular:  Are you learning Japanese or tackling Tsugaru-ben, Nambu-ben, or Shimokita-ben?  Or do you have a crazy cache of Japanese terms and phrases that even the everyday Japanese person is surprised at?  Share this knowledge in Voracious Vernacular!

Now off to the good stuff, yeah?  In this issue:

April Events:  A list of events happening around the prefecture in April.

Aomori Spotlight:  Chris Simmons does his final interview with Jared Oliva.

Japantics:  After a bit of a hiatus, Japantics is back!  Michael Pritchard describes a surreal scene with a turtle in Kamehame-huh??

NomNom Tabemono:  In time for Easter, Bianca shares a delicious lookin’ recipe in Carrot Cake Bars Extravaganza!

Voracious Vernacular:  Eric wants to thank y’all for the fish with an interesting story behind “Leaving & Welcome” parties in Say Goodbye, Say Hello.

Wordslingin’:  Sam is back with a lovely poem by Essa in Paper Prompting: Part 3.

Photo Corner: If you have yet to visit this gem in the forest, maybe these photos by Ellen Fraser will inspire you to take that drive in Getting Steamy with the Kappa.

Off Route:  Want a taste of the big city life but Tokyo is too far?  Amanda has just the place you can go in Sendai and Matsushima:  A Story of Ikemen Onigiri and Questionable Couches.

Today’s Lesson:  Just in time for the new school year, Pat Owens has a different take on the the intro lesson in ALT/JTE Dual Self-Intro.


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