AJET Announcements

AJET 2015-2016 Election Candidates. Vote now!


The election for the AJET 2015-2016 Executive Council has officially opened.

Vote here!

Voting will be open from Friday, February 27 until Tuesday, March 3 at 1:00 PM. To vote, you must be a re-contracting Aomori JET.

Your vote will not be counted without a valid JET ID. If you do not know your JET ID, please contact Peter or Bianca immediately. This is the same number that is used for the CLAIR language courses.

Presidential Candidate: Samantha Martin


Samantha Martin

My name is Samantha Martin, and I am a 2nd year ALT in Mutsu City, up on the Shimokita Peninsula. I got my degree in Elementary Education k-6 back home in North Carolina, and so I’m experienced not only with being in the classroom but with presenting relevant ideas and critiques to other educators. I have been Regional Representative in Shimokita for the last year and loved every minute of it, especially the chance to help organize, contribute to, and present at the conferences that are put out twice a year. I would love to be elected AJET president because I feel that I have the necessary skills to keep AJET and our community tight knit and having fun.

I already feel like Aomori Prefecture is very inviting and that the JETs here are one big family. I love that AJET plans events all over Aomori, and I want to continue them while improving upon them and making them even more inclusive. I’m an excellent listener, very good at brainstorming, and really confident in planning and facilitating successful events. I live up on the peninsula, but I get out constantly. Even though I live in an isolated area, you’ve seen me at nearly every AJET event. In Mutsu I’m active in the community. I attend/help with local events, festivals, and I facilitate other JETs with a place to stay. I’ve been a tour guide of Shimokita for any JETs looking to see it. I’ve attended English camps throughout my time on JET, so I’m capable of working with a team. I’ve gotten one of my students to the National Speech Contest in Tokyo this year, so I’m not afraid to put in extra hours for things I’m passionate about. I’ve been a column editor for Good Morning Aomori for the past year, so I’m good at sticking to deadlines. I’m connected through Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook, so it’s super easy to get in touch with me and I’m always happy to listen to you. As AJET president, I would take into account the various regions’ wishes and ideas for the community. I would strive to be as creative and positive as the former AJET presidents have been before me. Here’s to an excellent 2015!

Presidential Candidate: Jared Oliva

Jared Oliva

Jared Oliva

My name is Jared Oliva and I’m a first year ALT in Aomori City— more accurately their annexed neighbor Namioka. Although my time in Aomori prefecture has been brief, it has been a formative experience in my life. I’m interested in running for the local AJET President position because I love collaborating with people online and event planning in real-life. I’m a good motivational speaker and passionate about the JET program.

I have experience successfully collaborating with a range of different personalities and skill types. Growing up in the Bay Area and through my various volunteer stints and internships, I’ve worked with everyone from activist transsexuals to high-powered tech VPs. (1) I have proven success working a tight timeline, creating original, engaging, and educational presentations. Last year, I led a team of business and engineering students to the finals of a statewide business competition. (2) My goals for the 2015-2016 year are to create a prefectural framework for online collaboration (consolidate and centralize our lesson database), ramp up resources for relevant job training/acquisition for beyond JET, and continue to foster a chill community of friendly folk. I want to be your AJET President because I want you to have a meaningful, memorable, and productive time during your tenure here. It’s your chance, now or never. Please vote for me as your AJET President.

(1) http://www.linkedin.com/in/jaredoliva
(2) http://blogs.sjsu.edu/today/2014/building-a-better-sling/

Vice-Presidential Candidate: Mina Kim


Mina Kim

I am running for vp cause people have asked me to. Other than that, I’ve been to probably all the AJET events in the past three years and think I can keep the AJET flame going strong. I like to have fun and prefer things in Japan that end in “hodai”. Although I can’t grow a mustache like Ryan Smith, I own multiple mustache stickers.

Candidate for Treasurer: Amanda Lynn Marcroft


Amanda Marcroft


My name is Amanda Lynn Marcroft, I live on the Nanbu side of Aomori, and as you may know I’m the current AJET Treasurer. I’m running again because I have had a great time working in AJET to organize fun events throughout the year and hope to continue doing so. Before JET I worked in bookkeeping for 3 years, giving me an extensive background in accounting, Excel, and general time management and have found all of these skills helpful in my tenure as Treasure. I achieved my goal of digitizing records to increase transparency in the AJET budget, as well as create online records of events for future AJET councils to look back on while planning.

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