February 2015, Vol. 2

A late Happy Valentine’s Day from the peeps here at GMA.  We hope that everyone was able to gorge on sweet treats with the thought in mind that no calories counted that day!  😉  If sweets aren’t your thing or you need another helping of sweets, hopefully the articles in today’s issue will do just the trick.

We are also now on the lookout for volunteers for the following column editor positions:

MediaBug Music:  Do you have a passion for Japanese music? If so, we are looking for someone to head the music side of MediaBug.

Trivia Trap:  If you enjoy stumping your fellow coworkers or JETs with your extensive knowledge of everything, perhaps you’d like to feature it in GMA.  We’d love to try and solve them!

Publishing Manager:  We are looking for someone who will assist the Head Editor in organizing and scheduling the GMA blog.

If you are interested in a position please email Jacqueline Laibinis at or  Thank you muchly.  🙂

In this issue:

Photo Corner:  Ellen has tallied up the votes and reveals the Photo Contest Winner!

NomNom Tabemono:  For those who still need to satisfy their sweet tooth post-Valentine’s Day, Bianca has a delectable treat: Mini-Choco Cakes.

Wordslingin’:  Rebecca shares her thoughts on the intimidating concept of editing and will hopefully inspire you to level-up your writing in The Importance of Editing.

Voracious Vernacular: Eric has a great idiom for you to try out with your co-workers in I Can’t See!

Northern Sweat:  Dev reveals the secret to really get a great start in the morning with 15 minutes that wake you up better than a bucket of coffee!

Off Route:  Amanda takes us deep into the forests where you can try your luck at catching a kappa or simply relax in Kappa-no-yu: The Kappa & You.

Aomori Spotlight:  Chris stops by Yokohama Town to grab a box of donuts and an interview with Emily Ellis.


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