February 2015, Vol. 1

Happy February!!  Good Morning Aomori is back with its first issue for the year 2015!  We hope that everyone had great winter vacations that were chock full of adventure!  Check out what goodies we have in store for you below!

In this issue:

Events:  A list of awesome events (and deadlines to remember) happening in February!

Photo Corner: Ellen has gathered up some wonderful photos for y’all to vote on in Winter Vacation Photo Contest 2015!

MediaBug:  Step into the world of the Japanese male “host” in The Great Happiness Space.

Aomori Spotlight:  This issue presents the lovely Miss Ashleigh Mooney!

Off Route:  If you want to go to a snow festival that doesn’t require a going out of the prefecture, this one is for you!  Hirosaki Snow Lantern Festival:  Love the Snow Again.

NomNom Tabemono:  If your New Year’s Resolution was to learn how to cook, this article is a great starting point!  Japanese Condiments 101 with Recipes.

Today’s Lesson:  In need of a solid lesson for the winter?  Try out this lesson by Pat Owens:  Winter Storytelling.

Wordslingin’:  This issue features a piece written by Kuroishi JET, Brian Hill in response to a challenge posted in the last issue.  See how he fared in Paper Prompting: Part 1.

Voracious Vernacular:  For those of you who have JTEs who love to talk about the weather, here are some handy words in relation to winter, It’s Raining, It’s Snowing–nope!  It’s just snowing! 


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