Today's Lesson

Snowball Fight!

Today’s Lesson was written by Pat Owens, based off of an activity made by Samantha Martin.

Today’s Activity:
Title: Snowball Fight!
Time: 15-20 minutes
Level: ES/JHS/HS

A brief comment from the teacher:
Samantha Martin made this absolutely brilliant and short activity that can be thrown in to any winter class! This is the version I do in my class.

The basics of the activity:
Students will have an indoor snowball fight with paper snowballs! After the fight, students will search for other students based on the information written inside the snowballs!

The Files:

The Lesson Plan (PDF, Word)
lesson plan - today's lesson

Snowball Questions – 1 per student (PDF, Word)

Tips from the teacher:

    • Have students close their book bags and put them under the desk before starting the snowball fight!
    • Actively participate in the fight! Sneak up on students, go for head shots, and be sure to laugh with them!
    • Change the questions to match whatever your students are learning about. This is very flexible!

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