Is It Over Already? Not Quite!

By Rebecca Manuel

Hello GMA readers!  This is my first official post here as part of the GMA Wordslingin’ crew (and by “crew” I mean just me and Sam 😀 ).  よろしくお願いします!

Anyways, a good number of you have taken the NaNoWriMo challenge of writing 50,000 words throughout the month of November.  For those of you who won, congratulations!  For those of you who didn’t quite make it, I still say good work!  I know I certainly didn’t make it.  But I still wrote more than I have ever written in one chunk of time.  And the whole point of NaNoWriMo is just to get inspired and write, right?  So, despite falling abominably short of the ideal 50,000 word count, I’m still proud of myself, and it’s inspired me to continue writing even though it’s not November.  Some people like me just need a good kick of motivation to stop procrastinating and start writing, and that’s what NaNoWriMo did for me.

But now that NaNoWriMo is over, I bet some of you are left with a giant Word document full of story written in random scenes, descriptions, and general ramblings, and you’re thinking, “Whatever do I do with all this?”  Well, December is the month of revision.  It’s time to sift through all the madness and make sense of what you’ve written.  In my opinion, it’s the hardest part of writing.  You might realize that, no matter how hard you try to fit them in, you might have to cut out one of your favorite characters, one of your favorite scenes, one of your favorite lines.  Basically, we should rename December “the month of killing our children” (a morbid yet fairly accurate metaphor).  So through this column, I offer you my condolences for your losses.

And yet, some of you might not be ready to experience such losses.  You might have just finished writing, or you might still be wrapping up.  Or maybe you’ve written the full 50,000 words and you’re still not even close to finishing!  My advice is to go at your own pace from now on.  Are you starting to feel burned out?  Is the idea of rereading and revising all of the stuff you’ve just written overwhelming?  Let it sit.  Let your mind clear.  And when you feel ready, then you can go back to it.  Or are you more motivated and more inspired than ever?  Get to it right now!  What are you doing reading this?  Why are you even on the internet?  Go write!  Go revise!  Do it before you lose your momentum!  You know what works best for you.

And after all the madness is over, you will undoubtedly be left with nuggets of gold.  And I would like to offer you a place to share those nuggets with the rest of us so we might bask in our absolute inferiority in the face of such brilliance.  Please send us your favorite excerpt from your story, either one that you feel epitomizes the feel of your story or one that you just really love; or, you could write a new excerpt, like the synopsis that appears on the back cover of a book.  Whatever you would like to share we would love to accept and publish in an upcoming issue!

Please send your submissions to goodmorningaomori@gmail.com.  This is Rebecca signing off.  Over and out!


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