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Hakodate Takeover and Hatsuyuki

Edited by Ellen Fraser

If you missed out on this year’s post-SDC trip to Hakodate, fear not!  I picked some photos, courtesy of Alexander Martin, to show you a little of what Hokkaido has to offer, including the best ice cream of your LIFE and those Lucky Pierrot burgers that no one can seem to get over.  Hakodate is actually very cheap to get to at 2,000 yen one way, so if you don’t mind spending a couple of hours drinking beer and playing games on a ferry, there’s no need to wait a whole year until the next trip if you wanna go.  I’ll come with you!

1502572_10205964238491353_2731982493286961641_n 10420192_10205964305973040_123483345868576204_n 10636014_10205964335733784_6009105155041603359_n 10676271_10205964342413951_6082592546490364580_n 10647178_10205964352334199_4516581040343525198_n 10404295_10205964362934464_5741436638872149167_n 10847919_10205964369334624_8427280714491032653_n 10849852_10205964376374800_5658883870166373350_n 10850112_10205964389015116_8415838880207342649_n 10484273_10205964388455102_1575045747199628767_n 10850230_10205964414135744_7817717701497421002_n 10446502_10205964416735809_5575883980514641852_n 1514952_10205964406135544_3806398872796757446_n 1456644_10205964437536329_9011393186899484763_n

Then I broke my arm...

Then I broke my arm…

10689481_10205964448376600_4418081227125165254_n10390217_10205964461496928_7401366167077294856_n10423363_10205964472857212_1072892491487239088_n10411183_10205964475377275_8859488627122637033_n934897_10205964293332724_7543182522870090854_nWinter is finally here.  The first snow always looks so pretty until it gets all brown and slushy… Here are some photos of Fukaura embracing the snow by the sea.


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