December 2014, Vol. 2

Happy Holidays!  The snow continues to blanket us in its brilliant white (and I don’t think it has any plans of stopping.)  This is GMA’s final issue before its winter hiatus and it is jam packed with goodies to enjoy during your workday!  Thank you kindly for your continued support and we look forward to providing y’all with more awesome next year!

Before detailing what is in this issue, we’d like to feature the Tsugaru side’s Thanksgiving!  Because their event happened after everyone else’s there were no photos to showcase in the last issue.  However, the wonderfully talented Jessica Wiseman put together a lovely video that captured the spirit quite nicely.  Here it is for your enjoyment!

In this issue:

Off Route: If you’ve decided to stay in Aomori for the winter this year, Amanda was able to round up some great tips from Hannah Sheppard to help spice up your holidays in Your Home: A Winter Wonderland.

Voracious Vernacular: ‘Tis the season to freeze your butts off!  However, if you aren’t so keen on that happening Eric has got an answer for  you in Stay Warm — Stay Cultural.

Northern Sweat: The winter season doesn’t only bring snow, it brings massive wave attacks of colds as well!  Dev has some great tips to help keep you healthy and happy this winter season in Your Body is a じでん.

Photo Corner: Ellen has compiled some lovely photos capturing the adventure had in Hakodate as well as some lovely shots of Aomori’s first days of snow in Hakodate Takeover and Hatsuyuki.

Wordslingin’: It’s Rebecca Manuel’s first column for wordslingin’!  And in case you don’t know what to do about that humongous chunk of words you wrote in November, Rebecca’s got some advice in Is It Over Already? Not Quite!

MediaBug: Staying home for the holidays this year?  Need a list of movies to help you forget that a continual blizzard is occurring right outside your door?  Jade brings us a list of holiday films to enjoy in Bah Hum MediaBug.

Today’s Lesson: Pat brings us an awesome activity from Samantha Martin that will bring joy to any student in Snowball Fight!

Aomori Spotlight:  Leave it to Chris Simmons to be able to land an interview with the busy main man of the season, Santa Claus.


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