November 2014, Vol. 2

Mornings are becoming more difficult for those who aren’t used to the cold (I did not want to get out of bed and had to wrap myself in a blanket just to brave eating breakfast).  The sudden drop in temperature reminds us that we will no longer roam a landscape of autumn leaves because winter is just around the corner ready to blanket us in white.  However!  GMA is here to fill your heart with warmth as we bring you Volume 2 of November!  It has been a great month so far and the greatest event has yet to come:  (American) Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone is ready to gather and eat delicious food and find things to be thankful for.

In this issue:

Today’s Lesson: Pat has the link to all three school levels of BYBL from the conference last week.  Check it out here at Bring Your Best Lesson 2014.

Photo Corner: AJET has gathered a plethora of pictures that will have you reminiscing about Aomori AJET Trivia Night!

Northern Sweat:  Dev has got the secrets to staying fit, even as the snow begins to fall in Winter Running Survival Tips.

Wordslingin’: Sam has written a sweet reflection piece inspired by all the typing she has had to do this month in Words Per Minute.

Aomori Spotlight: Chris is at it again!  And this time, he has tracked down Sarah Gilbert.

MediaBug: Jade shares her thoughts on a very tasty film that will all have us craving ramen in Tampopo.

Off Route: Amanda gives us the scoop on getting out of Japan for the winter and into the warmth of Malaysia in Escape from Winter: Malaysia Style.


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