November Events 2014

Our top picks are in bold.
(Many links go to Japanese sites! You can ask us for a translation for any need-to-know-info in the comments below!)

November 7-9 – Gonohe Industry Culture Festival @ Gonohe Town
November 8-9 – Nango Industry Culture Festival @ Nango Gymnasium, Nango Town
November 8-9 – Aomori City Foresty, Agricultural and Fishery Industry Festival @ Aomori City
*November 13 – Pub Trivia Night – Aomori AJET SDC Party @ Penthouse, Aomori City
November 14-16 – AJET Block 1 Hakodate Takeover @ Hakodate, Hokkaido (RSVP HERE FOR THE HAKODATE BEER HALL! Deadline is Nov. 5th!)
November 15-16 – Oirase Salmon Catching Festival @ Oirase Twon in Shimoda
November 16 – Hashikami Donko Soup Festival @ Hashikami Town, near Hachinohe
*November 22 – Shimokita Thanksgiving Dinner @ Mutsu City
*November 22 – East Tsugaru Thanksgiving Dinner @ Aomori City
*November 22 – Sanpachi-Kamikita Thanksgiving Dinner @ Muddy’s, Hachinohe City
November 22-23 – Kuroishi Apple Products Festival @ Kuroishi City
November 23 – Hirosaki Apple Tent Forest @ Hirosaki City
November 24 – Seihoku Folk Arts Fair @ Togawa Town, near Goshogawara
November 28 – Nomikaiwa Language Exchange @ Pent House, Aomori City
*November 29 – South Central/Northwest Tsugaru Thanksgiving Dinner @ Hirosaki City (talk to your RRs for more info!)

*For these events, attendance is limited to JETs and friends of JETs only please! We’d love for you to join us for anything without an asterisk though!

November 20-December 7 – The Giant Gingko Tree Autumn Light Fantasy @ Fukaura Town

December – Aomori AJET Winter Holiday Parties @ TBD

Events collected by Pat Owens

Any events we missed? Any mistakes? Something you want to add? Write us at!


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