November 2014, Vol. 1

Did winter decide to arrive early?  The first couple of days in November have had a whirlwind of different weather patterns (at least in Aomori City).  We can only hope that the weather evens itself out and that we have a smooth transition into winter.  In the meantime, don’t forget to start prepping your home for winter!

In this issue:

Events:  A list of events in November.

Quality Class: Pat gathered images sharing JETs success with Halloween in the Classroom.

Photo Corner:  Ellen shares with us some photos of inaka Aomori in 4 corners of Aomori.

Voracious Vernacular:  Eric has got a simple phrase that will surely become one of your favs in “Favorite New Phrase!”

Off Route:  Amanda introduces us to a picturesque town perfect for a winter escape in Hakodate: A Dickensian Christmas in Japan.  

Wordslingin’:  Sam and Rebecca have compiled a list of tips and websites to help those of you who are attempting to write 50,000 words this month in Prepare to Succeed.

MediaBug:  Chris Orr introduces a band that will get you singing in your sleep with Negoto.

Aomori Spotlight:  Chris wanders past Aomori City into the deep depths of Tsugaru and meets up with Rebecca Evans.

Northern Sweat:  Dev has got a great list of tips to help you navigate the grocery stores of Japan in Five Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping in Japan.


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