Scary Stories To Tell in Less Than Five Minutes

Edited by Samantha Martin

I don’t know if y’all have seen the Blood Moon outside, but it definitely helps solidify the chills and begrudging looks over my shoulder that I have been getting since reading all of the submissions this month. We tasked people in the ken to write us some scary nano stories, nano meaning miniscule, super short, frustratingly limited to fifty words or less. Needless to say, y’all came at us with talent and creativity beyond what we expected. Should we say that y’all are so good it’s … scary?

“Don’t Be Mad” by Mel Tee (Towada City) based on a true story

“I’ve got one,”he said to the group of ALTs. “Since we’re on the topic of scary stories… guess what I found in my closet?”

“Skeletons,” I joke.

“Dead cat,” someone says.

“No. Worse,” he whispers. “It was a note written on the floor.”

“What did it say?”

Papa, okoranaide.

“Beastie” by Ellen Fraser  (Fukaura)

It stopped short as it caught me in its peripheral vision.  It unleashed a blood-curdling scream, and I trembled with fear against the wall.  Its giant hand snatched me up into the air.  I flailed desperately while it ripped my legs out one by one.  Now I just roll everywhere.

“Every Night” by Alexander Martin (Mutsu City) 

I flushed the toilet and stumbled blindly back down the hallway. I passed his door, slightly cracked with a sad, pale face peering out. I sighed, closing the door with a soft click. I could hear him sobbing quietly from within. Some younger brothers don’t know how to stay dead.

“Hey Jude… you have a problem” by James Kennedy (Shichinohe) 

Jude awoke in the manner in which he had become accustomed: naked and alone. He was surround by the oh-so-familiar Savernake Forest.
“Ha, must have been another CRAZY night!”
Jude abruptly hacked up a wad of flesh; wisely, he chose to ignore it. Chuckling jollily, he stumbled home.

“Nibbles” by Kim Andrews (Rokunohe)

My hamster`s name is Nibbles.  I found him when I was little.  He is lily white and he squeaks when he moves.  Plus, he has the cutest hollow eyes!  He is not very soft, but that`s okay.  My dead hamster lives in my pocket so I can bring him anywhere!

“HANSEL AND GRETEL” by Rebecca Manuel (Aomori City)

The stupid kids thought she would burn. Really, she thought as she screamed theatrically. She kept screaming until she heard the thump of the front door closing then gracefully climbed out of the oven, extinguishing the flame. Unscathed, she picked up a knife and followed the brats out the door.

“Dust Bunnies” by Samantha Martin (Mutsu City)

She could hear it breathing, raspy puffs through fangs glistening white. She clapped a hand across her mouth to stifle the noises of fear. If it heard her, if it smelled her, she’d be done for. Why oh why did she have to sneeze at a time like this??

“Where Sleeps The Darkness” by Jackson Pietsch (Hirosaki)

Spiders, spiders spiders. Spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders, spiders spiders–spiders spiders spiders spiders–spiders spiders spiders.

Spiders spiders, spiders spiders; spiders spiders spiders, spiders spiders spiders.
Spiders, spiders, spiders spiders… spiders? Spiders spiders, spiders?
Spiders, spiders spiders. Spiders.
“Black Cat” by Jenny Sanchez (Gonohe)
It thuds every time I’m about to rest, snapping me back to consciousness. Though cool and dark, I haven’t slept well in years because the noise from the shishi odoshi is constant and ceaseless. I never even liked the garden. Or chasing rats. Why couldn’t they just bury me inside?
“Cut To The Chase” by Daniel Hontos (Tohoku Town)
I only wish it had been a cleaner cut. He knew my fear, but there was money to be made. His decrepit hands were shaking with excitement as that immaculate blade drew an artless bloody line across my throat. I guess I’ll never go to that barber again.
Do you write poetry, prose, super short stories, or super long novels? We want to read all of it, so send your submissions our way at goodmorningaomori@gmail.com!

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