October 2014, Vol. 2

We hope everyone is staying warm with the chill starting to creep into Aomori little by little.  Be sure to check to make sure your heaters are in tip top shape so that you will not freeze once winter does hit!  In this issue of Good Morning Aomori, we have nice bag of treats for your reading pleasure!  We would also like to announce that we have three new lovely JETs on the editing staff here at GMA!

We have Rebecca Manuel co-editing Wordslingin’ and Japantics with Sam, Ellen Fraser taking over Photo Corner, and a brand new column dedicated to all things health and fitness called Northern Sweat, headed by Dev Stolz.

We hope that y’all enjoy their contributions as much as we do!  Now, without further ado, please enjoy this month’s second issue!

In this issue:

Northern Sweat: Dev Stolz introduces his new column, Northern Sweat, that is all about health and fitness here in the Blue Forest with Hajimemashite, Northern Sweat!

Photo Corner: Ellen Fraser has taken over and in this issue has gathered some gorgeous shots of mountains around the ken in, Iwaki and Friends.

Off Route:  This year’s Halloween party will be held in Hirosaki, and Amanda gives you the lowdown in Hirosaki: Apples, Castles, and Ghosts, oh my!

NomNom Tabemono:  Bianca has gathered some informative sites to help improve your cooking expertise in Cooking in Japan: Internet Resources.

MediaBug: Jade introduces one of the most influential Anime, Akira.

Wordslingin’: Sam has gathered a rather frightening mix of short stories just in time for Halloween in Scary Stories to Tell in Less than 5 Minutes.

Today’s Lesson: Pat introduces a lesson by Charlotte Dolecheck that puts a Halloween spin on a classic game in Halloween “Heads Up, Seven Up”.

Aomori Spotlight: Chris is slowly conquering Aomori City by interviewing the new CIR, Sam Allen.

Everest of Apples: An short and sweet announcement from Everest of Apples!  Check it out here!


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