Northern Sweat

Hajimemashite, Northern Sweat!

By Dev Stolz

Keeping active and motivated while living in Japan is a challenge. It takes more work and dedication than previous efforts in your home country. I’ve certainly noticed that my drive has been diminishing with every package of those fluffy packaged pancakes available at all Lawsons, Sunkus and Family Marts.

These have the texture of sofa cushions and are killing me slowly. But I just can’t quit them

These have the texture of sofa cushions and are killing me slowly. But I just can’t quit them

I’m from a little place called Saskatchewan, about 90,000 kilometers away from Vancouver, that has as much appeal as a lukewarm natto kale smoothie. It’s flat, windy and very cold. Our winters (October through May) are essentially an extension of the actual arctic tundra/ Norse underworld. Now that I’ve ruined all efforts of our provincial tourism board- this is relevant. Aomori is also cold (I’ve been told- as I am a first year ALT) and the winters are apparently quite horrific (my Australian friends assure me). I do know that keeping positive and active is extremely difficult when the comfort of a warm kotatsu and karage seem to beckon just a little louder than stair stepper and squat box (I just made up the term ‘’squat box’’ ).

My prototype squat box.

My prototype squat box.

Back in Canada, I was a ‘’Healthy Guy’’- I’ve run a handful of half marathons, dabbled in the dark art of Yoga, and would occasionally find myself deep in juice cleanses smoothie fasts and protein blasts. I am not a trained expert, but I am a big believer that a healthy lifestyle contributes to overall success and well-being.

Teaching is a particularly draining job. We give so much energy to our students and to keeping the genki tank continuously topped-up. The double edged sword of living in a country with 24/7 conbini convenience is a sure recipe for lethargic, bloaty disaster. Northern Sweat is a source of personalized healthy lifestyle column for the active Aomori Jet!

Please allow this list to describe what Northern Sweat will bring you:

-Tips and tricks for staying active/ different workout routines/ motivation!
-Community connections with Sweat Challenges (30 days of Sweat! Yoga Challenges)
-Healthy snack/smoothie recipes!
-Vision and Goal Setting!
-Mental Health and relaxation techniques!
-Fitness Products and Reviews!
-Ways to sweat in Aomori- recommended hiking trails, step by step guides on how to register for marathons, features on cool gyms, different places to get sweaty in Aomori!

Essentially, I want you to embrace the fact that you are a sweaty foreigner and to maximize your time living in Japan. Northern Sweat aspires to bring JETs together and aid in achieving a healthy work/life balance that is so important for long term success and happiness!

Get ready Aomori! Let’s Sweat!


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