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Halloween Monster Poetry

Today’s lesson was written by Pat Owens.


Today’s Lesson:
Title: Halloween Monster Poetry
Time: 50 minutes
Level: High School, can probably be adapted for Junior High School as well

A brief comment from the teacher:
Halloween is a great time of year to get students doing something they normally wouldn’t want to do. I use that to my advantage to get my writing class to try out a little poetry.

The basics of the lesson:
Students write a very simple poem about a Halloween monster of their choice by answering some questions. Before presenting their poems to each other, students can draw on their poems to give them a little bit extra spice!

example poem

Example Poem

The Files:
(You can download all the files here in PDF and .DOCX format)

The Lesson Plan
lesson plan - today's lesson

Warm-up Questions
warm up

Poetry Worksheet and Example Poem
halloween worksheet


Tips from the teacher:

    • Show students how to make their poem by “writing” the Frankenstein example poem (or your own!) on the spot, answering the same questions they have.
    • This lesson might seem a little light on writing, but even the best of students have trouble with poetry and there are always ways to make it more advanced. Encourage students to rhyme or even using a rhyming scheme if they’re high level!
    • After the students turn in their poems, bind them and make it to a book for the class!
    • This doesn’t necessarily have to be a Halloween lesson. You could change it to fit any holiday or special occasion!


 2013 Student Examples (without peer editing):

IMG_0564 IMG_0568 IMG_0569 IMG_0565 IMG_0566

Do you have any Halloween lessons you want to share? Write us an e-mail at GoodMorningAomori@gmail.com with “Today’s Lesson” in the subject!


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