Aomori October Events 2014

Our top picks are listed in bold.

October 4th-5th – Takko Beef and Garlic Festival @ Takko Town
October 4th – Shinmachi Halloween Festa (for kids) @ Aomori City
October 5th – Hirosaki Apple Marathon @ Hirosaki City
October 5th – Japanese Language Festival @ Aomori City
October 11th-13th – Osorezan Fall Festival @ Mt. Osore, Shimokita
October 12th – Hirosaki Apple Halloween (for kids) @ Hirosaki City
October 18th-19th – Towada Horse Archery Festival @ Towada City
October 19th – Hirosaki Street 1st @ Hirosaki City
October 26th – Halloween Tour (for kids) @ Hacchi Portal Museum, Hachinohe
October 31st – EofA Halloween Party (for adults) @ Lavish, Hirosaki (Photos from last year are here.)

On the horizon:
November 14th-16th – AJET Block 1 Hakkodate Takeover @ Hakkodate, Hokkaido

Did we forget an event? Write the wrong day? Need help translating event info into English? E-mail us at


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