Today's Lesson

Super Mario Challenge

Today’s lesson was made by Ashleigh Mooney.

The Board

Today’s Lesson:
Title: Mario Challenge
Time: 25 – 30 minutes
Level: Originally High School, can easily be adapted to Junior High School

A brief comment from the teacher:
This lesson is one of my absolute favorites, my students really loved this game and they didn’t realize they were actually using English! It can be hard to think of fun ways to teach or review grammar, so turning it into a game it a great way to get kids actively thinking and speaking in English. I use this lesson at my lower lever schools and not once did I have to remind anyone to speak only English!

The basics of the lesson:
Students will choose a Mario character to move around the game board, using Can/May/Must to complete challenges as they go. With students pretending to be monkeys, arm wrestling and moving other players back to start, this game gets everyone engaged and speaking English!

The files:

(Get all the files here or click individually below.)

Lesson Plan
lesson plan - today's lesson

The Board – One per group
The Board

Character Pieces – Cut out each character, one set per group

Challenge Cards – One set per group, cut out
challenge cards

Challenge Card Explanation – One per group
challenge card explanation

Tips from the teacher:

  • This lesson is very flexible! It can be used to practice/review any grammar point, just make new cards. The cards I used are for a very low level high school.
  • I highly suggest giving students a Card Help Sheet for two reasons. First, they will work together to figure out what the card says and teach themselves instead of having you give them all the answers. Second, you and your JTE won’t have to run around explaining the same information over and over!
  • If possible, I recommend printing out the board games and characters in color, it makes the students more engaged and excited to play.

Today’s Lesson consists of lessons made or used by Aomori JETs. If you have a lesson you’d like to show off, e-mail us at!


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