Today's Lesson

Do you GO FISH?

Today’s lesson plan was made by Roxy Najera, originally adapted from a lesson by Katherine Millican.

Today’s Lesson:
Title: Do you go fish?
Time: 50 minutes
Level: High school (low-level), adaptable for junior high school

A brief comment from the teacher:
Most of us will likely encounter a group of students or a school where they are just not that keen about English. Well, this lesson has been a success each time with my agricultural high school where students are not the biggest fans of English and their level of English is very low. Students are engaged and are using English!

The basics of the lesson:
Go Fish, a card game that we have all grown up with and that you can easily teach to the students while integrating English as well.  This lesson has students out of their seats and actively participating in the activities leading up to the card game.

The files:

The Lesson Plan (docx)(pdf)
lesson plan - today's lesson
Jumbo Example Cards – 1 set for the teacher (docx) (pdf)
actual cards
Playing Cards – 1 set per group (docx) (pdf)
actual cards

Tips from the teacher:

  • Making the cards: I printed two sets of each card and glued them on colored construction paper then laminate and cut. Making the cards will be the bulk of the work (how many card sets to make will depend on your class size), but trust me, you can use them again and again. I have!
  • Monitor: Making sure that you and the JTE are walking around to check for comprehension.
  • Eliciting target grammar: While walking, if students are not using target grammar, prompt them and direct them to the board if they can’t remember. They can’t switch cards until they say the target grammar.
  • Time management: Use a timer to keep you and the students on task.
  • Tense change: You can also utilize these cards to practice different types of questions (e.g. Do you…, Did you…, Have you…., Are you…, etc).
  • Complete sentences: Students with higher levels of English can answer in complete sentences (e.g., Yes, I do play soccer.)
  • Extension activity: Using the hobbies and grammar learned  students write 3-4 questions and ask questions to their class mates and write their response.

Today’s Lesson consists of lessons made or used by Aomori JETs. If you have a lesson you’d like to show off, e-mail us at!


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