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Self-Intro Quiz

By Pat Owens, originally adapted from a lesson by Tori Sharpe.

Welcome to Today’s Lesson! In this column, we give you practical lessons and activities you can use in your class to make it even better!

Today’s Lesson:
Title: Self-introduction Quiz
Time: 45-50 minutes
Level: Junior High or High School


A brief comment from the teacher:
If you’re a new JET, you just arrived and are probably waiting for your first classes to start. I think it’s really important to start the year on the right foot. The following class is not only interesting and productive for the students, but it also has you leading the class for the whole hour, which shows your JTE that you’re not only invested in class but capable of teaching as well.

The basics of the lesson:
In this introduction class, you will be having students take a quiz about YOU! The catch is, they’ve never met you and don’t know anything about you! In groups of four, students must search for the right answer by asking you for hints and using their deductive reasoning to try to find the right answers. Each group presents one question at the end of class with the answer they chose and why. Acting as a quiz show host, you can tell them whether the answer is right or wrong and then talk a little about the correct answer to teach the students more about you!


Sample Question

presentation slip

Sample Presentation Slip

The files:
(Download all files here, or individually below.)

The lesson plan (.docx)(.pdf)
lesson plan - today's lesson

Group Quiz Questions – 1 question per group (.pptx) (.pdf)

Presentation Slips – 1 slip per group (.docx)(.pdf)
presentation slip

Quiz Questions Worksheet- 1 for each student, front and back. (Example)
quiz sheet example

Tips from the teacher:
-Prepare yourself. Go through the lesson in your head and think about exactly how it will play out. What problems might arise? What parts might students find confusing? How exactly will you be writing things on the board?
-Communicate ahead of time. Find your JTE as soon as possible and talk to them ahead of time about this lesson plan in detail. This is your first lesson, so show them you’re interested and well-prepared!
-Lead the lesson. Ask if you can introduce yourself to the class instead of having the JTE do it for you. Ask if it’s okay for you to lead this class and show them that you have the confidence to pull it off!
Treat your JTE as a rock star. Make sure to include them in the activity and let them have fun while doing it. The cooler your JTE is to the students, the cooler your class is in general. Your JTE can give out some hints on your behalf, help groups come up with questions to ask you, or even give their own guesses and reasoning to the students. And after talking about yourself during presentations, feel free to ask your JTE about their answers to the same question in front of the class. Let students know that you guys care about each other.
-Play the role of a Quiz Show host. Encourage students to ask for hints but don’t give away your answer too quickly; you want to lead them on a bit to make the activity more interesting. During presentations, build some tension in the air when revealing the correct answers. Encourage kids to clap and cheer for other groups.
-Ask questions back. When students ask you a question, answer it and then ask the same question back to them.

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