August 2014, Vol 1

Welcome Back to Good Morning Aomori, Aomori Ken’s online newsletter to bring you entertainment while you’re working!  We hope that everyone has had an AWESOME summer so far and are currently enjoying every last drop of that muggy, hot air before it dissipates into the chill of autumn.  Summer, for all its relaxing images, tends to be quite chaotic on the JET Programme, with dear friends leaving to continue their journey elsewhere, to the new JETs who come in the midst of festival season.  Hopefully now that most of the festival chaos is over, everyone (old and new) are settling in to their usual routines.

With GMA’s return we have a brand new, beautiful column editor in our staff!  Bianca Sanchez, who works as the CIR/PA in Aomori City, has graciously taken over the NomNom Tabemono column.  We’re excited to see what she decides to cook up!  In the meantime, if you’d like to help out with GMA, we are still looking for the following roles to be filled.  If you’re interested, please email or Head Editor, Jacqueline, directly at

  • Graphic Designer:  in charge of making the awesome featured images that we display on our main page.
  • Today’s Lesson:  in charge of sharing class materials, creative lesson plans, or interesting student work from JET classes.
  • Photo Corner:  in charge of gathering and sharing photos from various JET events or pretty Aomori scenes.  Also in charge of photo contests.

In this issue:

Photo Corner: 2014 Summer Photo Contest Winner announced!

Japantics: Samantha has gathered some sage words for the new JETs in town in Dear Newbies…

Special Feature: Jade using her skills, has come up with a compiled list to language study in Burninate Language Learning! 

Voracious Vernacular: Eric is back with some good vocab to use especially if you find yourself with Beginner’s Luck.

Today’s Lesson: Pat Owens puts a spin on Tori Sharpe’s lesson plan to help give your first class a new twist with Self-Intro Quiz.

Aomori Spotlight: Chris is at it again, and was able to capture his first 1st Year JET in an interview with Harrison Gordon.

NomNom Tabemono: Bianca gives you a quick, delicious, and easy breaky with Avocado Toastie.


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