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2014 Aomori Summer Photo Contest


The results for the 2014 Summer Photo Contest are in! Congratulations to newcomer Andres Oliver (Aomori City) on his winning photo! Please contact to redeem your prize!

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos. Several of the GMA Judges were overheard muttering “Oh my gosh, they’re all so good. I don’t know which one to choose!” while sitting in a corner facing a white wall and pulling out entire clumps of their hair

1st Place - Andres Oliver

1st Place – Andres Oliver – Contact to redeem your prize.


Runner-up – Sarah Gilbert


Runner-up – Alex Brueckner


Runner-up - Sarah Gilbert

Runner-up – Sarah Gilbert


Our other favorites (listed alphabetically by photographer.)

Alex Brueckner
27 31 32 33 36

Alexander Martin

Andres Oliver

ao3 ao6 ao7

Michael Hernandez

mh1 mh5 mh7 mh9 mh10

Patrick Pearce

pp4 pp1 pp2 pp3

Sarah Gilbert

sg2 sg3

 About the voting method: Photos were compiled, and file names were standardized with the names of the photographers deleted. Then (most of) the entire staff of GMA voted on their 3 favorites. The winner and runner-ups were chosen by highest scores.


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