July 2014, Vol. 1

Summer is now here in full force, so it’s time for Good Morning Aomori to go into summer hibernation. Just in time too, as many of you will become busy with school festivals, summer travels, or preparations for returning home!

I’d just like to take a moment on behalf of all of us at GMA to thank two of our column editors, Ivonne Diaz and Mark Wilson, for all of their hard work and contributions to the blog. They will be leaving both GMA and Aomori at the end of July and we will miss them dearly!

With that said, we are looking for replacements for the following positions, so if you have any interest in joining us at GMA, please send an e-mail to or contact me directly at

  • Graphic Designer:  in charge of making the awesome featured images that we display on our main page.
  • NomNom Tabemono:  in charge of sharing recipes using ingredients easily found in Japanese supermarkets or reviewing local restaurants.
  • Quality Class:  in charge of sharing class materials, creative lesson plans, or interesting student work from JET classes.
  • Photo Corner:  in charge of gathering and sharing photos from various JET events or pretty Aomori scenes.  Also in charge of photo contests.

Please enjoy this issue of GMA and have an adventure filled summer!  We hope to see you back in the fall.  😀

In this issue:

Events:  A round up of events happening in July!

Photo Corner:  AJET’s Farewell Luau BBQ Photo Wrap Up.

MediaBug:  A head to head battle between book and film in Summer ‘Read the Book Instead’ Edition.

Aomori Spotlight:  Checking in with Hiranai’s rock legend in the making, Dan Liberatori.

NomNom Tabemono:  Mark Wilson’s last recipe happens to also be his favorite, Tonkatsu.

Japantics:  Three different JETs share their funny misadventures in You Just Gotta Laugh.

Voracious Vernacular:  Eric helps wake up your vocabulary with these Japanese words about sleep in Catching Z’zzzs

Trivia Trap:  The winner is revealed from last edition’s Trivia Trap, Game Over.




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