Voracious Vernacular

Catching Zzz’s

by Eric Larsen

Summer is coming (sorry, Starks)!  For many, that means waking up with the sun, going on runs, and of course wearing your sun-sleeves/ huge visors/ driving gloves.  BUT, for others, the summer heat causes unspeakable laziness:  sleeping in is the name of the game!

Unlucky for you— since that isn’t possible in Japan! That’s right, sleeping in isn’t possible in Japan; there isn’t a Japanese word for it. I chalk it up to culture.  So, let me teach you the closest thing there is in Japanese, along with some other sleep-related words:

二度寝 (nido ne):  going back to sleep after waking up (basically “hitting the snooze”). This works with sandone, or even yon too!

寝坊する (nebou suru):  to over sleep (by accident only!).

寝起き (neoki):  the feeling you have when you wake up (getting out on the wrong/right side of  the bed).  You can say “neoki ga ii,” or “neoki ga warui.

睡魔に襲われる (suima ni osowareru):  to be attacked by the sleep demon.  AKA, to become sleepy/drowsy. (great for use in the middle of class/work)

寝酒 (nezake):  a night cap, or a drink before bed (to help you sleep!).

Woof! Sorry for the word-overload! But luckily, now you can go out and strike up awesome conversations about sleep with your teachers, friends, and of course strangers! Tata for now!

Bonus: 寝癖 (neguse): bed-head! (aka your hair after waking up)

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