June 2014, Vol. 2

June Gloom is officially in session here in Aomori (at least in the city).  To perk up your day here is the next issue of Good Morning Aomori!

In this issue:

Aomori Spotlight
Chris Simmons decided to stick around Hachinohe and interview another lovely lady, Hannah Sheppard.

Trivia Trap
This issue’s trivia trap is all about video games.  Will it be game on?  Or will it be Game Over?

Chris Orr has us step into the world of visual kei and introduces the kings of the genre: Malice Mizer.

NomNom Tabemono
What’s not to love when delicious Aomori hotate are involved!?  Mark Wilson brings us Spaghetti with Soy Sauce Butter Scallops.  Yum!

The first in a series of reflections and stories by expats called “Separated Whole”, Samantha writes on her experience in “It’s like Teleportation, Only Slower”.

Voracious Vernacular
Eric Larsen helps arm us with some clever vocabulary so we can engage in conversations with the local Japanese on their favorite subject: the weather.  Check out, It’s Raining!  It’s Pouring!


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