June Events in Aomori

June Events
(Our top picks are in bold.) 

June 1st – American Day @ Misawa City
June 7th – Tsugaru Dialect Competition @ Tsugaru Town

June 14th – Auchi Bug Sending Festival @ Goshogowara
June 14th-15th – Sea Urchin Festival @ Sai Village
June 15th – Hakkoda Azalea Festival @ Mt. Hakkoda
June 15th – Shichinohe Horsepower Competition @ Shichinohe Sports Park
June 21st – Hirosaki Fireworks Show @ Hirosaki
June 21st- Oku Tsugaru Bug and Fire Festival @ Goshogowara
June 27th – Shirakami’s Big Catch Cafeteria @ Hirosaki
June 28th – AJET Farewell BBQ @ Shimoda Park
June 28th – Farewell After-Party @ TBD
June 29th – Hirosaki Yosakoi Festival @ Hirosaki

Most links lead to a Japanese website, but if you need help finding more info about the events, e-mail us at

Events compiled by Pat Owens


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