June 2014, Vol. 1

Where did May go?  It feels like it was only last week that everyone was enjoying their Golden Week vacations… Time flies on by and now it’s time for summer here in Aomori!  To help ease the shock when you realize that we are almost half-way through 2014, here is the next edition of Good Morning Aomori.

In this Issue:

Here are some events happening around the ken this month in June Events.

Samantha gathers some candid confessions of JETs on their reactions to finding out that they were placed in Aomori in I’m Going WHERE!?

Aomori Spotlight
Chris Simmons went to Hachinohe in search of some classes in Zumba, but instead found and interviewed the lovely Jessica Liao.

Get out your box of tissues and have a good cry with these movie recommendations from Jade in Tearjerkers.

Even if you missed the B-1 Grand Prix, you can now make this Towada specialty, Barayaki.

Voracious Vernacular
Eric helps you master old Japan’s code names for different meat items in Secret Menu.

Trivia Trap
The results for your eye examination is in with Trivia Trap.


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