May 2014, Vol. 2

GMA’s back with a whole new issue!  We have also managed to snag the talents of JETs Samantha McCalip and Eric Larsen who are the new column editors of Japantics/Wordslingin’ and Voracious Vernacular respectively. Check out their debut articles below along with the rest of the awesome columnists of GMA.  Have a splendid week!

In this issue:

Samantha McCalip settles into Mustu life with My Microwave Coffee.

Voracious Vernacular
Eric Larsen lets us in on a secret to winning any battle of the “no, thank you’s” with Japanese Checkmate.

Aomori Spotlight
Chris Simmons does some sleuth work to find out more about the new JET Mark Inada.

Chris Orr introduces us to a female hip hop artist, COPPU.

Mark Wilson spices things up with some Shouga Yaki.

Quality Class
Ivonne’s fellow JET friend provides some Californian freshness to amp up greetings with How Are You Today?

Trivia Trap
Pat’s here to give you a quick Eye Exam with another Trivia Trap! 


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