May 2014, Vol. 1

Golden Week is here and to help kick off the weekend we bring you the newest edition of GMA!

In this issue:

May Events
A roundup of all the happenings around the ken for the month of May.

Trivia Trap
The results for this Trivia Trap are in! Find out who came out victorious in Franchise Wars.

Aomori Spotlight
Chris Simmons gets the scoop about this year’s Tsugaruben Taikai and learns more about Amy Tappenden.

If you like Kill Bill, Jade Bonus will introduce you to a couple of equally kick-ass Japanese films in Kill Bill Edition.

Quality Class
Yolanda Espiritu helps relates to the students in Golden Week Vacation.

NomNom Tabemono
In the spirit of spring, Jacqueline Laibinis supplies us with a sweet recipe, Strawberry Daifuku.

Voracious Vernacular
An annonymouse writer gives us two phrases to use during this hanami season in Food Over Flowers.

Photo Corner
This edition has a photo wrap up of last weekend’s Hanami Festivities.  Enjoy!


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