Voracious Vernacular

Food over Flowers

By Anonymouse

With cherry blossom season in full swing, the amount of hanami parties to enjoy should be plentiful!  There is even an AJET Hanami Party, Part 2 to look forward to this weekend at Hirosaki Park.  One phrase that I have learned while living in Japan was initially introduced to me as the name of a popular Japanese drama that plays on a proverb that is used frequently during the hanami season:

花より団子 [hana yori dango]

This proverb simply means, dumplings over flowers, and it’s used to describe one’s preference of the practical over the purely aesthetic.  So, while we all say we are going to hanami parties to enjoy looking at the flowers, we know it’s all about the delicious food and beverages that come with it. 😉  I kid, I kid.      

 ** The Japanese drama used different kanji for dango, 男子, to change the meaning from dumplings to boys.  So instead, the drama was known as “Boys over flowers”.

Bonus Phrase!
Another good phrase to know during this time of year is 花の雨 [hana no ame], which means cherry blossom rain.  This phrase captures the beauty of cherry blossoms as they start to fall and turn the ground pink, yet is tinged with a bit of sadness that the blossoms will all too soon disappear.

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