Letter from the Editor


I’m Jacqueline from Aomori City, and I will be taking over as Head Editor of GMA for the 2014-2015 publishing year.  It has been an amazing experience working with GMA from its re-introduction to the Aomori JET community by Pat Owens, and, while nervous, I am excited to tackle the position of Head Editor.  Pat has left some pretty big shoes to fill, but I am thankful to have him for the time being as both a mentor and column editor.

I’d like to give a big shout of appreciation to the readers and contributors of GMA.  It is tough to live in a foreign country (especially in the inaka of Aomori), isolated (to whatever extreme) in your daily lives and feeling like no one back home understands what you’re going through.  I feel that GMA helps to mitigate that isolation and keep the JET community connected through the wonders of the internet.  And it all works because of everyone involved and all of the lovely readers, y’all!  So keep reading, keep contributing, keep connecting!

We are still looking for replacements for the following positions, so if you have any interest in joining us at GMA, please send an e-mail to or contact me directly at

  • Graphic Designer: in charge of making the awesome featured images that we display on the main page.
  • Japantics/Wordslingin’: GMA’s columns respectively covering silly, funny Japan-based experiences and more serious, poetry or prose-based writings gathered from the JET community or locals.
  • Photo Corner: GMA’s column for Aomori JET’s pictures ranging from shots of Aomori, various AJET events, and photo contests.
  • Voracious Vernacular: GMA’s column teaching about local Japanese slang, along with interesting Japanese phrases or words.

Again, thank you so much for your continued support and interest.  I am excited to see GMA continue to grow and transform during the upcoming year.




Post Script:  Here’s what we have in store for y’all in this issue:

Trivia Trap
Pat’s back with a new trivia trap to sharpen your counting skills in Franchise Wars.

Special Feature
Jade Bonus imparts some sage advice about saving a few yennies whilst traveling in Japan’s capital with Tightarse Tokyo.

Photo Corner
Photo wrap-up of The Playground & Deli Palooza.

Quality Class
Jo Abeli reveals what the fox says in The Fox- What does the fox say?

Aomori Spotlight
Chris Simmons scored an appointment with Hachinohe’s most sought after chiropractor, Flynn Pettersson.

Media Bug
Chris Orr introduces us to a band with a name as sweet as their sound, Mitsu.

NomNom Tabemono
Mark Wilson shares a recipe that takes Mexican influences and gives it a Japanese flair with Taco Rice.




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