Voracious Vernacular

Spring! No, wait, winter. No, wait….spring?

By Rachael Dory

Ahhhh, April….spring is in the air, the snow is starting to melt.  Probably warm enough that you don’t have to run your stove 24/7!  Really got to love that time in between winter and spring when the weather can’t decide what it wants.

In today’s article, this vernacular pertains exactly to that type of weather.  Logistically, if any part of Japan needs a word to describe that awkward time in early spring/late winter, it’s definitely Aomori:

わぜ [waze]

From Nanbu dialect, this word describes the situation when it’s snowing while the cherry blossoms are in bloom.  Overall, a sad but magnificent sight to behold.  On the one hand, you have the beautiful juxtaposition of spring and winter together, while on the other sadly it kills off the blossoms.  Logically, you’d think it’d be a rare sight.  Still, it being Aomori, unfortunately it isn’t….

Don’t quite understand when you would use this word? Try reading it one more time, starting with the first letter of every sentence. Contact Rachael at goodmorningaomori@gmail.com with Voracious Vernacular in the Subject Box.


One thought on “Spring! No, wait, winter. No, wait….spring?

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