Japanese TV Mischief

By Jade Bonus

Japanese TV rightly has an infamous reputation for prankery. I’m not sure if it’s the Japanese sense of humour that sees people in pantshitting terror as the height of comedy or a latent sadistic streak that runs behind the nation’s ready smiles and general niceness that accounts for the plethora of prank videos currently languishing on YouTube. Regardless, here are a few to give a guilty chuckle on this April Fools Day.

Dinosaur Prank
Sorry a spoiler in the title there, please accept my apologies. Unsuspecting victims walk through a building to come face to face with a velociraptor (I assume, don’t flail me paleontologists) in the nicest pair of skinny jeans I have seen in a while. The results are rather funny and have me wondering how many pairs of underwear were soiled in the making of this program.

Sniper Prank
Remember the pantshitting terror I mentioned earlier? Yeah this pretty much encapsulates it. This prank straddles the line between slightly disconcerting and outright cruel but apparently people cowering in fear of imminent violent death is funny here, go figure. Laugh and feel like a jerk after this one.

Bungee Bed Prank
Comedian Toshiaki Kasuga is a big deal here. So what better way to big up a beloved celebrity than to pitch them 100ft in the air by way of a rigged bed and a couple of bungee ropes? Seriously if this is how Japan says ‘I love you’, I think I am content to stay single. According to the internet (which is always true), this ruse was successful due to the fact that Kasuga had gotten drunk with the crew the night before the prank and didn’t rouse when he was being strapped into the bed 1800s mental institution style. Although, as others on the internet have also duly noted, how drunk do you have to be to not notice the massive cranes either side of your suspiciously isolated hut? Toshiaki Kasuga drunk apparently.

Gravity Defying Ojiichan
Of the pranks on this list, this is probably the nicest… well no one shits their pants in terror, which is a change. On a train an ojiichan starts to pitch in gravity defying ways stunning commuters into fits of concern for his well being and mad seat offering – there is even a little magic in this which is nifty. To make up for the lack of pantshitting terror on the train Ojiichan visits an amusement park later in the video and loses his head – always a good treat for the kiddies.


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