Voracious Vernacular

Tasty cakes

By Rachael Dory

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s installment!  Hope you’ve all been hanging in there with the flurry of graduations and related enkais that rain down on us come March.

Personally, I hear this word from Tsugaru-ben a LOT.  Anytime there’s good food around, my coworkers sigh with bliss and utter this:

め [me]

In standard Japanese, it’s 美味しい [oishii] or “delicious.”  Though I’ve not heard it in passing before, its opposite is:

まぐね [magune]

whose standard Japanese dialect’s brother is おいしくない [oishikunai] or “not delicious.”  Granted, I probably haven’t heard まぐね probably because saying it is pretty rude, but hey, always fun to learn, right?

Any slang or language lessons you would like to see here? Something you don’t quite understand? Contact Rachael at goodmorningaomori@gmail.com.
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