dry as dust

By Chris Orr

There are no special holidays this week so I’m just going to introduce another band (with a silly name)! Ladies and gents, meet dry as dust.

MediaBug - dry as dust 1

 The name

When I first thought up this format, I knew there would inevitably be a day would where I would have no idea where a band’s name came from. Today is that day. The singer does follow me on Twitter so had I thought about this ahead of time, I suppose I could’ve asked him, but it’s too late for that now. As a result, I have just wasted a few seconds of your precious time, fingers crossed the music makes up for it!

The music

kawaruiro (2008)

recycle (2011)

Kaze no fuku mama (2013)

The attraction

dry as dust were one of the first indie groups that I seriously got into and the first band I ever saw live in Japan. The singer’s voice really makes the band stand out and fits their melodic sound perfectly. They only have three albums and one EP, but I’m yet to hear a song of theirs that I don’t like.

MediaBug - dry as dust 2

 The present

There sadly hasn’t been much activity from dry as dust as of late. They independently released an EP last year exclusively through diskunion (a Japanese music store), but as their last gig was in November last year, I am tempted to think they may be having a short break. Here’s hoping that we hear something from them soon!

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