Voracious Vernacular

Let it snow, let it snow, let it….actually can it not?

By Rachael Dory

How’s everyone handling the snow that was dumped on us recently?  Hopefully you weren’t buried too deep…

So, since Japan has been hit with an unusual amount of snow (Kyushu and Shikoku getting snow….wat….), this week’s edition is all about-you guessed it- SNOW!  So of course, there’s the word for snow itself (雪, or “yuki”), but did you know these?

吹雪 [fubuki]

圧雪 [assetsu]

ガタガタ [gatagata]

パヤパヤする [payapaya suru]

The first three are from standard Japanese – snowstorm, compact snow (used to describe roads that have compacted snow on them and are slippery), and bumpy (for example, when the roads haven’t been cleared and the snow creates potholes).

The last is my favorite; and, according to one of my JTEs, it’s from the Tochigi prefecture (from where she is originally).  This phrase is used to describe when that especially powdery, fluffy snow that looks like soap suds are falling from the sky.  She says that it can also be used to describe when your bangs are constantly in your face no matter how many times you brush them away.

Sorry guys, but that’s all I have time for….it’s パヤパヤ-ing, and I gotta go clean off my car….again. へばな!

Any slang or language lessons you would like to see here? Something you don’t quite understand? Contact Rachael at goodmorningaomori@gmail.com.
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