Quality Class

High School Survival Guide

By Michael Jason Warren
Edited by Ivonne Diaz

For this issue of quality class we got Michael Jason Warren- 3rd year ALT, musician and superstar in Gonohe machi. He told us a little about the high school survival guides he makes every year: get inspired!

Survival_guide2 Survival_guide

How many times have you made these guides and have you changed them at all since you first made them? 

This is the third year of making these! The first were almost identical, but I’m trying to change up the style a bit this year.

This is also the third year that I’ll have Dave Herlich come as a special guest to talk with the 9th grade students. I give them a slideshow that shows some of the advice in the guides line by line (first in English, then with Japanese subtitles). Then there’s a multiple choice at the end where students try to guess which teacher said what. The last one is Dave’s, after which he comes up and tells a few stories about his time in high school.

How many classes will receive these guides?

There’s always three classes for the 9th grade. Every year it’s been about 120 students.

What made you think making these was a good idea?

I’m not sure I can recall the original inspiration. I think I was reading Epictetus’ ‘The Enchiridion’ (Manual for Living), which is a great little book full of Stoic wisdom. I must have thought that an easy to carry around “manual for high school life” would be fun for the students and might give them a little extra support should they be nervous about starting high school.

I also remember thinking I would have liked something of the sort when I was starting high school 🙂

survival guide4survival guide2survival guide3survival guide1

What are you creating to educate or inspire your students?
Share the power at goodmorningaomori@gmail.com!


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