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Highlights from the Sapporo Snow Festival

Column Editor: Erica Jenkins

For those of you who didn’t make it to Sapporo this year, here’s a taste of what you missed!

1780225_665939850114969_638534885_o IMG_5860966147_665938543448433_1888290003_oSapporo snow festival 281Sapporo snow festival 297 1008715_665941173448170_1277508746_o IMG_5816dallen11dallen51505451_10151965572559702_935625714_n1622342_665938700115084_1420925128_o1012040_10151965572779702_1540504525_n1911829_10151965574954702_1764954144_ndallen91900026_797194394058_1550071958_n1660469_797194488868_245248860_n14841_797194209428_1379762012_n1801179_665939706781650_1059875216_o1794702_797194379088_2110969010_n1780874_10151965573509702_735573474_n1655971_797194224398_2041998439_nIMG_65021653920_797194214418_1832090692_n1653689_797194204438_412308541_n1560470_797194389068_1454790283_n1901653_797194498848_434490425_n1560470_797194384078_1467530161_n1531637_665938936781727_1859870658_o1529935_665939506781670_1122907877_o1013998_797194219408_642206223_nPhotos provided by: Dallen Cook, Mark Wilson, Chris Simmons, Cole Rieger, Patrick Pearce, Kyle Buck, Mizuki Imamura and Maru Zori.
A big thanks to everyone who contributed photos!

As always, if you have photos you’d like to contribute, email them anytime to! 


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