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Winter Break Adventures

By Ivonne Diaz

While most of you were away doing exciting things, a Christmas event in Aomori was held. Everest of Apples was invited to give a presentation and have a table to interact with the local teachers, students, and parents.

E of A Table

President Yolanda Espiritu needed help and called on some of her friends. Sohini Brady, Essa Wiseman, and Ivonne Diaz came to the rescue.


Unfortunately, President Espiritu was scheduled for a flight to the Philippines that afternoon so she had to leave before the event started. Sohini, Essa and Ivonne started the event by making a presentation about Christmas in America. They ended their presentation by TRYING to lead the audience in a rendition of Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is You.


Along the way, team Everest of Apples made lots of friends. They helped children make ornaments for the Christmas tree and showed them the wonders of gingerbread houses.



The mission to educate a little part of Aomori about the delights and differences of Christmas in America WAS accomplished. On top of that team E of A was able to make new friends, Aomori’s very own Christmas miracle. 😀

Naughty Santa

Do you have a success story about language teaching or cultural exchange to share? Send it to us at goodmorningaomori@gmail.com!


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