Voracious Vernacular

Bad Boys, Bad Boys…

By Rachael Dory

Welcome back everyone, and あけおめ [akeome] or Happy New Year! 今年もよろしくお願いします [kotoshimo yoroshiku onegaishimasu].

I hope everyone enjoyed the nice long winter break.  Now that we’re all back at work and having to wrangle some sometimes rambunctious kids, here’s a word that may come in handy:

まいね [maine]

This time from the Nanbu side (woo!), its equivalent in standard Japanese is だめ [dame].  だめ has a variety of meanings. Looking in the dictionary, English translations include “no good,” “useless,” or “bad”.  You can use it to scold someone to stop them from doing something, or even to describe something that is “no good”, aka not convenient or not working.  It’s hard to really pinpoint an overarching translation for だめ, but I would say “no good” would probably be the best.  So, if your students are being little brats, break out this bad boy and see if that gets their attention.

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