Issue #15

Hello and welcome to the last GMA of the year! As winter break is approaching, we will be going on hiatus until late January!

Also, we will be holding a winter vacation photo contest, so be sure to take some crazy shots of all the amazing places you’ll be going in the next few weeks. Details to come!

In the final issue of the year:

Quality Class
Teaching doesn’t always go as planned. Kim Gillespie tells the story of how she overcame a serious issue about a serious topic.

Aomori Spotlight
This month, the indefatiguable Max Monson is in the spotlight!

Getting out of Aomori: Morioka
Jade Bonus takes us to Morioka!

Chris Orr explains one of Japan’s most famous JPOP groups, GACKT!

Voracious Vernacular
Rachael Dory teaches us about friends!

Mark Wilson curries your favor with Udon Curry.

Nanbu Holiday Party Wrap-up
See presents and pictures from last weekend’s holiday party in Hachinohe! And don’t forget Hirosaki’s party this weekend!


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