Voracious Vernacular

I pity the fool!

By Rachael Dory

This week’s word is by far the most interesting one I think I’ve heard….but then again, most words from the Tsugaru dialect are certainly…different….from the standard Japanese dialect.  But hey, love ‘em, hate ‘em, or never completely understand ‘em, you really can’t avoid hearing them sprinkled in everyday conversation.

I haven’t really heard this used much by the younger folk, and even my middle-aged coworkers laugh at how “old” the word sounds.  Almost like the joke “OK牧場 [bokujo]”, it seems more popular with the オヤジ [oyaji, or old men]:

たふらんけ [tafuranke]

which is a Tsugaru word for 愚か者 [orokamono]/バカ[baka].  In other words, it means “fool” or idiot”.  From when I’ve heard it used, it’s lighter in meaning like “fool” and used mostly in jest.  My coworkers use it to joke with my older, オヤジ coworker when he tries to teach me old Japanese jokes or comedic phrases.

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