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December Events in Aomori

December Events

December 1st-25th – Hakodate Christmas Fantasy @ Hakodate, Hokkaido
December 7th-8th Hirakawa Winter Nebuta @ Hirakawa
December 7th-25th Tonami Winter Fantasy @ Tonami
December 14th – Nanbu “Ugly Sweater” Holiday Party @ Hachinohe (Details TBD)
December 15th – “Christmas Party for the Community” hosted by EofA @ Hakusandai Community Center, Hachinohe
December 21st – Block 1 Trip to Disneyland @ Tokyo Disneyland
December 22nd – Hirosaki “Ugly Sweater” Holiday Party @ Robin’s Nest, Hirosaki

Ongoing Events
November 31st – February 28th – Hirosaki Electric Fantasy @ Hirosaki
December 1st-March 31st – Tsugaru Stove Train @ Tsugaru side of Aomori (Most people get on the train at Goshogowara)

Anything we forgot? Send us an e-mail at and we’ll add it to the list!


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