November Events in Aomori

November 2nd/3rd – Rokkasho Salmon Festival @ Rokkasho

November 16th – Hirosaki Thanksgiving Dinner @ Hirosaki

November 16th-17th – Oirase Salmon Festival @ Oirase

November 17th – Aomori City Thanksgiving Dinner @ Aomori City

November 17th – Nanbu Region Thanksgiving Dinner @ Gonohe

November 19th-21st – CIR Midyear Conference @ Chiba

November 21st-22nd – Skills Development Conference @ Hotel Aomori, Aomori City

November 21st – SDC Talent Show @ Berry Berry, Aomori City

November 23rd – Tsugaru Thanksgiving Dinner @ Ask your RR’s

November 22-24 – Post-SDC Group Trip to Hakodate @ Hakodate

November 30th – Shimokita Thanksgiving Dinner @ Mutsu

October 18th- November 10th – Hirosaki Foilage Festival @ Hirosaki Castle

Early December
December 1st – Japanese language proficiency test


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