Halloween Nano Stories

End of World Problems
By Patrick Gorman

“How do I look?” A stupid question, I thought. Three years since the last human was eaten, and she still cared about such things.
“Why do you care? We’re zombies!” I yelled. “Most have their eyes rotted out.”
“If you don’t know, I won’t tell you.” Some things never change.

By Mark Wilson

I pull out the eyes, cutting through the optic nerves with a pair of shears. Using pliers I twist out all the teeth, then saw off the roof of the skull and scoop out the brain. I delicately place a single tealight candle on the sphenoid bone. The perfect jack-o-lantern.

It Can’t Be Helped
By Samantha McCalip

It wasn’t Joel’s imagination. Amidst his candy corn and mini-Snickers, there was a human thumb. He couldn’t imagine which house had given it to him; he’d been to so many. He pulled his Power Rangers mask off and sighed. Oh well. At least blood hadn’t gotten on the Jolly Ranchers.

Three Super Short Stories
By Pat Owens

  1. The volcano plumed. The sacrifice hadn’t been accepted.
  2. The boy had grown two inches in the last month. “I swear,” he moaned, “I’ll never steal again.” The old man gave a knowing nod as he bound the boy’s ankles to the rack one final time.
  3. It was 2 PM on a beautiful Saturday and Times Square was completely empty.

Column Editor: Jacqueline Laibinis 

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